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Rewilding Voices

Everything Can Sing

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Anand Kirtan

Collaborative Vocal Improvisation



Rewilding Voices has been funded 2022/23 by Arts Council England lottery funding and Anand Kirtan is now diversifying this project to include collaborative vocal improvisation, through group workshops and retreats. This incredible art form can create freedom and joy in the singer, as well as combatting anxiety and stress. It is an artform that brings people together, values community and everyone's voice in it and helps people to create moments of true beauty. 


Anand Kirtan is a woman of faith, music and poetry. She has been writing, composing and producing music for the last ten years, alongside her musical partner and husband, Tom.

This music is a mixture of kirtan, meditation, chanting music and medicine music, to relax to and to uplift the listener and connect them to something deeper inside. You can find this music on streaming services, like Spotify, under Anand Kirtan. She teaches widely on using the voice to find a sense of ease in the body and has been delivering voice and meditation workshops within the NHS and local government departments over the last year. 

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What is Rewilding Voices?

Rewilding Voices is about exploring the wildness inside, the depths, the dark and the light, using the voice. Without judgement on your vocal performance, this is about expression and acceptance of what is, right now - and an appreciation of what could be. A committment to understanding that life can change at any time, and that to make the most of our short time on Earth, we can de-programme some of the duty, monotony, stress, anxiety and depression and come back to the endless possibilities of movement, freedom, reinvention, passion and sheer JOY. It starts with the voice, and moves through the body, the limbs, the blood, the brain, until we reach the real wildness, the soul. That's where we want to create from! I am here to facilitate and help this process with great compassion and sheer delight.  



When you're making sounds and singing in a free and improvisational way, you're allowing a trust in the unknown, an incredible learning experience which helps us cope with the uncertainty of life. 


Not only is creativity being squeezed educationally, but many adults leave very little time in their busy lives to indulge the basic human urge to sing, hum, tell a story, paint a picture or write a poem. Creating is something we can come back to at any age and I particularly encourage this in women who have spent years or decades caretaking others. Coming back to your own creativity is such a blessing and feels like a rebirth. It is beautiful to facilitate. 


With music, singing, sound, we can express our deep feelings of pain, grief and trauma - totally normal human emotions -  that are stored in the body. Singing can release trapped emotions that have stayed in the body too long and become toxic to the system. We can also express joy! 


Health and Stress Relief

Singing vibrates the vagus nerve and soothes and calms our nervous system. Singing and making sounds with the body is a surefire way to feel good. Chanting hits the meridian points in the mouth which sends messages to the brain and helps create a sense of wellbeing in the face of fear, stress or overwhelm. 


When you sing, you reach all parts of you, the physical and the deep places inside that want to whisper to you. You also make lovely connections with others when you sing with them.  


Singing in a group is fun - FACT! And you will glow as your voices join together and create something with beauty and harmony. Not everything needs to sound perfect, but you can enjoy the feeling of letting your voice shine out, and hearing others do the same! 



“I'm so grateful for the opportunity to explore my voice in a way that I had never done before, with such a brave, warm-hearted group and teacher"

— Joanna

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