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Young Voices

As part of this year's project, I have been working with FE students studying Music Performance in Nottingham and Leicester. Here are some tracks below from a project that I ran with Confetti College in Nottingham, working on creating 'medicine music' with students, who came up with some brilliant original work, some of which you can hear below. The point of this term long project was to discuss creating an authentic connection with your listeners, and how to inspire feelings of calm, as an antidote to stress, through music. All students (90+) produced an original piece of music at the end of the project and I awarded seven prizes for the pieces which best fit the brief. Other workshops this year have included Group Vocal Improvisation at Leicester College and using sound, breath & harmony to relax and heal the body, in Nottingham. 

John Meredith, Head of HE Music, Confetti College

"Anand Kirtan came and taught at Confetti, working in line with the Music department to create a project of writing and recording medicine music. She delivered a workshop so that they could experience this type of music and then spent several follow up hours over a period of weeks, listening to their tracks, suggesting any changes and encouraging them. It gave them a real experience of someone supporting their art with incredible results."

john meredith.jfif

Amanita - The Blue

Amanita created this track which is a perfect blend of relaxing vibe with harmony, that helps you sink into a calmer space. 

Amanita - The Blue

Toby Hyson - Light is Always Shining

Toby wrote beautiful lyrics and created an uplifting and inspiring piece of music, to showcase his songwriting and versatility. 

Toby said: "I'm really pleased that you liked the song, and I'm really grateful that my track was chosen among some stellar entries in this competition. It really means everything to know that this could genuinely be a future job path for me!"

Toby Hyson - Light Is Always Shining
Toby Hyson.png
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